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Convert Youtube videos to mp4 free online

ClipConvert is a new breed of free online tools built specifically for video handling. If you ever need to download some Youtube video to use it later in your own video with sarcastic commentary - don't look no further: ClipConvert is your best buddy in this project. We will help you download videos from Youtube and many other sites, just copy the URL address and submit it in the form above, and we'll take over the process, offer you multiple download options, etc. Give it a try.

Online video downloader works with 100s of sources

This is not just Youtube to mp4 converter, this is also any online video downloader, pretty much, because it works with nearly 600 different websites, platforms and social networks to extract their video and convert it to mp4 and download to your laptop. There's no magic involved, it's just same process as your browser does when you watch that video, only we also produce 1 mp4 video file in the end. Or it can be other formats, like 3GP or WEBM for Youtube, etc.


ClipConvert as web-app

Add to Home Screen

To make it easier to use ClipConvert on mobile Android devices and even on Windows PCs and laptops, we turned it into a web-based app, or web-app for short. It needs internet to function properly, and it will do whatever this website does, cause it's a straight up copy of it. It can be installed by pressing the button above, or uninstalled if you so desire via the menu it provides after installation..

ClipConvert as shortcut

Download Mp3

Here is a bookmarklet, or shortcut as they call it. Save it to the bookmarks bar in the browser, then hit it when watching some video you'd like to download, - and find yourself here with video URL magically already in the search box. Sweet and fast. This is nothing new, iPhone users call this shortcut, PC enthusiasts - bookmarklet. It works so because it has a little bit of code attached to it.


Does this site require account signup?

No, this website is free for everyone online, no signup or registration needed to use as much as you like.

What video file formats are provided?

MP4, 3GP, WEBM, etc - as long as source supports it, we will show you an option to download inthis or that format.

Are there any caps on the downloaded videos?

No. We don't limit your creativity. right? Right! so we don't care what and where you download - enjoy!.

Where do the downloaded files end up?

Files you download are placed in the Downloads folder on your device, you can find it in the browser Menu options.

How to download mp4 file quick and easy way?

  1. Open the video you need to download in browser, then copy its URL adress.
  2. Visit clipconvert and put video URL into the search box, press Download button.
  3. Now find the format and size you like, Get Download Link and download video file to your device.